Wellness from feetness®

To be fit, to live a healthy life and function efficiently throughout the day, we need a healthy and strong heart. For our heart to work well, it is necessary to have a balanced diet, an adequate amount of sleep and exercise. Exercise works well if you have the right tools such as the right socks. Through years of research and tradition, Arcos Srl has worked toward accomplishing this goal by adhering to the Feetness® concept. A sock, a simple but a technologically innovative item help your feet work better, stay fit, allowing your heart and the rest of your body to benefit, creating a general well-being.

Firstly but mostly, to have the right sock, the appropriate fibers, the best technical wicking materials are needed. Arcos Srl's anti-bacteric Silver DryStat® protects you from external agents, keep your feet dry from bacterial growth contributing to your overall "feetness®". Blisters can be avoided, circulation improved, swelling reduced and performance enhanced with a sock that fits the anatomy of your feet perfectly to avoid creation of uncomfortable creases.

Arcos Srl has a simple objective, staying focused on the benefits of the right features that wrap and contour your feet like a second skin. AB-X padding has an exclusive absorber cushioning system providing long-lasting maximum impact absorption. The plantar arch flexion is responsible for pushing back blood from the feet extreme veins toward your heart. Arcos Srl's patented graduated compression socks, ideal for recovery, help vein valves to continue pushing the blood up especially after a work-out when the plantar arch is at rest. Arcos Srl helps you achieve a fundamental objective, starting "from feetness" to bring you to "wellness".

...feetness® is for everyone

Athletes, doctors, nurses, pilots, to mention a few professions, definitely know the importance of wearing good shoes to perform their daily tasks. However, it is also important to go a step further and pay attention to the quality of socks used. Even the best shoes are not complete without socks and do not do the job properly, no matter how fashionable, expensive or technological they might be. The two, "socks and shoes", work "hand in hand".

The feetness® concept